7 December - No Candle was There

Yesterday - Up - Tomorrow

Let's bring ourselves back to modern times, or at least to the early years of the twentieth century. The piano part here, as with all of the pieces so far, is played by three computers on each other's shoulders, in a trenchcoat.

Music: Liza Lehmann
Words: Frances M. Gostling
Musician: Kathleen Jowitt

No candle was there and no fire
In the stable where Jesus was born,
In the stall where our Saviour was laid
Till the rosyred breaking of morn,
For the Christchild and Saviour no light, and never a candle to burn.

But the moon gave a radiance divine,
And the stars an effulgence bright;
And the only sound to be heard
Was the lowing of kine through the night,
And the sighing of wind in the trees, and the flapping of Angels' wings.