So once again it's September, which means, as ever, that it's SeptemberMeet time!

This year, the meet will be on Saturday 29 September, at The Green Man, near Great Portland Street underground station.

I'll be arriving around 6 p.m. to try and bag some space. Generally these meets run until kicking-out time, so do please come as late as you like.

The Green Man (NW1 3AU) is on the corner of Great Portland Street and Euston Road. If you're arriving by tube, go out the rightmost street exit and the pub is just across the road.

A random meet-up of anyone who wants to come, serving partly as an addiction remedy after the Discworld Conventions or #afp-meets-inna-field. The other big reason is for people who haven't been able to go to these annual gatherings of the clans, especially now that the AFPhub1 has moved away from London. That said, this is not solely an AFPmeet! I've posted a link to a number of like-minded friends, but anyone in striking distance is welcome, and I practically almost guarantee that very few of the Pratchett people bite unless you really deserved it. ;-)

Didn't The Green Man get rubbish though?
It did, in around 2004 or so. A long time's passed since then, though - I went there last year with a small group of friends, and it had become quite nice - seems like it's time to give the place a go again.

Auld Acquaintance:
If something done once is a tradition, and something done twice is a very old tradition then this will be the eigh…uh…7ath meet of this series, which practically takes it into 'time immemorial' territory. Here are the announces for meets in years gone by:


1 AFP: - a Useenet newsgroup set up in 1992 by and for fans of the author Terry Pratchett. 'Meets' have pretty much always been a feature of AFP, but have declined a bit in London in recent years as people moved away.