Who is the Countertony?

"The Countertony" is the nom de net of one Tony Evershed - countertenor, physics student, amateur webmaster, teller of bad jokes and puns and attempted eccentric.

I was born in South London - we moved up to Bedfordshire before I was two years old so I don't remember anything about it, though I'm told that my parents decided to move when the insurance company insisted that they put bars on the windows to continue their contents cover.

I decided to study physics at Exeter - a lovely green campus university situated on a hill in the north of the town. The great part is that this kept me reasonably fit - I travelled from one of the lowest points on campus (Birks Hall) to one of the highest (the Physics building, a seven-storey concrete tower block) every weekday, by the steepest route on campus. That was my first year, at least - now I share a small house near the station with some friends of mine.

I am something of a music obsessive, with a preference for classical music, but with a lack of taste that allows me to enjoy almost any style of music, from classic rock to plastic pop to worship songs to musicals. This has led to me being involved with church choirs since I was 10, despite being agnostic - I am currently one of the senior choral scholar at Exeter University. At home, my music collection consists of about 10 days' worth of mp3s (converted from my own CD collection at home - I've found that the best thing digital music has given me is portability).

My other main interest is in computers - I maintain the website for the Exeter University Sci-fi and Fantasy Society (not the design, but hey...) as well as my own site. In the course of my education, I have used Delphi and VBA enough to realise that Python and C were a lot more fun than either for me. While my main computer runs OS X (thanks to a friend of mine, who gave me a G4 Power Mac on permanent loan), I've messed around a bit with Linux (Kubuntu seems to be my favourite distro at the moment). To complete the collection, I still keep a PC running Windows. My current project is the use of basic PHP, hence the rebuild of this site in Summer 2006.