16 December - When Jesus, Our Lord / Say, Where Is He Born

Yesterday - Up - Tomorrow

One of the joys of the Chritmas/Ephiphany season when I lived in Surrey was the singing of this solo/trio section of Mendelssohn's unfinished work Christus, Op. 97.

I never sang it myself there - there were three very experienced and capable singers who filled the roles of the Magi mervellously, especially since one was a minister, and so was resplendent in his vestments (the other two being in borrowed copes for the occasion).

I always wanted to sing one of the parts though, so this is my chance for the limelight. Break a leg.

Music: from Christus, by Felix Mendelssohn-Batholdy
Words: Christian Charles Josias von Bunsen
Musicians: Kathleen Jowitt (solo), Tony Evershed (trio)

When Jesus, our Lord, was born in Bethlehem,
in the land of Judaea,
behold, from the east to the city of Jerusalem
there came the wise men and said:

Say, where is he born, the king of Judaea,
for we have seen his star and are come to adore him.