Blue Solstice - based on "Blue Christmas" by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnston, 1948, words Sean Branney

Performed: 2006
Sung by: Dan Conroy
Album: An Even Scarier Solstice

I'll have a blue solstice, Cthulhu.
I'll be so blue thinking what you'll do.
Sacrifices of red on the blue open sea
Won't mean a thing until you're here with me.

Until your blue nightmares awake me,
And all my blue angels forsake me,
You'll be down in your tomb, in cyclopean gloom
And I'll have a blue, blue blue blue solstice.

Oh Cthulhu, baby, c'mon up out of that tomb.
I can't stop thinking about your huge flabby claws, them little wings of yours,
that grotesque scaly body, and them big ol' tentacles wrapped around me.