"The Countertony" is the nom de net of one Tony Evershed - countertenor, physics student, amateur webmaster, teller of bad jokes and puns and attempted eccentric.

Picture of Tony Evershed.

This is where I keep my stash of interesting things - holiday and meet snaps, music, Python code, minature know the sort of thing. Photos are stored as JPEGs, while music is stored in MP3 format unless I find a really compelling reason to change - if you know of any such reason, don't hesitate to contact me - the same applies for any other comments or suggestions.

Please note also that this area is being changed pretty much as and when I feel like it - what you saw yesterday may not be here today, and (for that matter) new stuff gets added all the time...

The photo on the left is excerpted from a larger photograph (to which it links) of the view from Hard Knott pass in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria.

This website is home-hosted on Cage, my Raspberry Pi. The composer John Cage famously wrote 4' 33", perhaps the ultimate piece of minimalist music. He lends his name to the most minimalist computer I've ever owned.